There are an infinite number of details to manage when you’re getting ready to sell your house, but relatively small details can be the difference between selling your house quickly and watching it linger on the market. Here are 5 sure-fire tips that can help you prepare your home for sale and allow your to house stand out when you list it.

How to prepare your home for sale

5 WAYSA clean house will sell faster. Selling your home is all about making a good impression with potential buyers. One of the quickest ways to turn off prospective new owners is to show them a dirty house. Before you list your home, clean it. Don’t settle for just picking up and putting things away – really clean the house. A deep clean in all of the rooms will make a huge difference. Don’t hesitate to clean the windows and sills, the carpets and the corners. Dust, vacuum, wash and scrub everything in sight. Don’t forget the hard-to-reach areas, the trim around the floors and ceilings and the top of the refrigerator. Spend extra time in the kitchen and the bathrooms as you prepare your home for sale because a bad impression in these two rooms will significantly reduce your home’s appeal.

Declutter. It’s’ hard for prospective buyers to imagine themselves in your home when your home is filled to overflowing with your possessions. To prepare your home for sale, reduce the amount of stuff in your home. Whether that means throwing things away or storing them off-site, you’ll make your home a more inviting place, and better showcase the real potential of the space.

Repaint. When you live in a home, it’s easy to overlook the paint on the walls. The paint on your walls may be in need of maintenance, or maybe you’ve chosen colors that work well for you, but will be difficult for new owners to work with. The paint on the walls can become a real sticking point because potential new owners are looking at your home with an eye toward how much work they’ll need to do immediately upon closing. To avoid this sticking point, repaint the walls in a neutral color when you prepare your home for sale.

Turn your home into a house. Family photos, mementos and other personal items can make it difficult for potential buyers to envision your space as theirs. Help them out by removing the personal touches before you put the house on the market.

Open up the space. Remove some of the furniture from the rooms in your house to open up space. If your house has a small footprint, removing furniture can help make the rooms seem larger. Natural light also helps open up a room, so for daytime showings, make sure you raise the shades and open the drapes. If you have space that’s chronically dark, add a floor lamp or other light source to brighten it up.
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